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About Me

Being dominant is who I am - It is NOT an act I put on. I believe true Dommes are born - they are not made. 

I study people.  I know why they do what they do and I'm fairly good at predicting what they'll do next.  I can figure out what makes you tick pretty damn fast.  

I have done thousands of sessions and worked all sorts of personality types with all sorts of desires, limits, expectations and fears.  I understand subs/slaves very, very well.  I know what makes them tick in general and test this and that to find out your specific ticks.  I watch my subs closely.  I don't miss a thing.  That's how I know which buttons to push. and when to push them.      

Through me, you will enter the Divine and be one with me in it.  And it’s heavenly.  The pain tests your willingness to please me.  Pleasing me even while you are experiencing pain or other discomfort, such as humiliation, is the true test of submission.  

Through my testing and rewarding processes you will forget yourself and experience full mind/body/spirit relaxation through submission to me.  You will feel successful (if you were good - if not than poor you ;-( ).  Either way it will be fun. There will be pain and pleasure, then will sternness and laughter.

My sessions are not about whooping your ass, though they are about starting where you are and truly training you to take more and thereby experience deeper levels of submission, such that I can experience higher levels of Dominance and understanding of the two sides of being human. That is what tantalizes and excites me ultimately. 

I’ve said for many, many years now that “it’s Dom/sub world.  We’re just the only ones who realize that and embrace it and play with it.”  I know that most subs are actually successful, in-control types with a lot of responsibilities.  It gets to be too much sometimes and the relief of someone else taking over for awhile is delicious.  I use that understanding of you to push your buttons; to do and say the things that will let me slip into your mind and play around in there for awhile ;-)  

I have memories beginning at about age 6 of experiences and desires that would then lead me to explore BDSM in my teens. And it was in my teens that I started down a path that was no more a choice than being born. It was as if a missing piece had been fit into place and it lit a fire inside of me that to this day burns fiercely.

Over the years I have tried many things - always pushing my limits and that of my submissives, refining my techniques both physically and psychologically. BDSM to me is more than just the act of spanking or sensation play - it is the ultimate experience for both Dom and sub. When my sub is at my feet - completely under my control - mind mesmerized, body aching, and spirit soaring - then and only then am I satisfied and feel I am where I belong.

Though I will assume control and expect your obedience I am not completely sadistic, cruel or uncaring. My desire is to create the comfortable and safe D/s environment that I believe is necessary to reach the truly beautiful places of submission. Your safety, limits and feelings will always be my main concern, though I will push your limits and expect you to always do your best.

If you truly desire to give of yourself, to learn through serving and obedience to a Dominant Woman whom you can trust...then your search has ended. I invite you to explore the mysteries of BDSM and the Majesty of Mistress Julianna.

Warning for any trolls who might be browsing my site for a potential victim to screw with...

I may look soft and pretty and you may be thinking how nice it would be to turn the tables on me but you should know I'm not like other women:

1. I currently train in Krav Maga.  I'm training in ground, stand-up and weapons fighting.  

2. I am a former United States Kickboxing Champion

3. I own lots of wonderful weapons and I'm quite skilled at using them. 

4. I have home security.

5. I've been kicking guys asses my whole life.  I will fuck your shit up!

So, not a good target.  Move on.  


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