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Online Training

Trade for Online Sessions! here's how

Private ONLINE Session Scheduling:
Friday - Sunday: I try to be online if I don't have other plans and only need 30 min to 1 hour notice.
Monday - Thursday: To schedule an online session I need a minimum of a few hours notice, though I may not be checking email throughout the day, so 24 hours notice is best.

VideoChat/Webcam sessions: You will be able to clearly SEE and Hear me as I dominate you, command you to obey my instructions and amuse myself. You are not required to have a webcam or microphone, but being able to virtually interact with each other is a lot of fun! I use a Canon GL2 Digital Video Camera as my webcam with a wireless microphone, so the video & audio quality is excellent. MSN Messenger is the service I use for Webcam sessions. NOTE: I am Not a Stripper so your session will be BDSM/Domination related. Also, I will not expose my pussy for you so don't ask - panties on only! Excerpt from a recent Webcam session: "Now lie on your back and imagine how beautiful my pussy is as I stand over you rubbing my clit and teasing you with it. Then how hot and wet it is when I sit on your face, smothering you with my silky juices and sweet musk and rubbing it all over your face just to torment you. You are not allowed to lick it yet! Rub your clit while enjoying your reward! And tell me when you're getting close to cumming..."

Instant Messaging sessions: You will be able to clearly hear my sexy voice through your computer speakers as I lead you through an erotic online session or if you have something you'd like to suggest feel free to ask. I use Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger & ICQ. Free software is available on their websites for you to install on your computer. Excerpt from a recent Dildo Training IM session: "Now get on your hands and knees - face down ass up you dirty fucken whore. And I want you to play with your pussy while I fuck you. Take my cock as deep in you as it will go and whimper for me as it's thrusting fast and hard in and out of your ass pussy. I do love to hear you cry and suffer for my pleasure. Now take it till you can't take it anymore! You know this is what you meant for don't you? That you are nothing but a fuck hole?..."

Email sessions: An email session can be a sexy, erotic exchange of personal letters with me, a series of short emails delivering your instructions for an all day session, or you may let me know if you have something in mind.
Excerpt from a recent all day Slut Training email session: "Very good my pet. Now, I want you to put that cock and ball harness on. Then, I want you to put on those frilly silky panties and I want you to continue stroking until I tell you to stop but DO NOT CUM. I want you to imagine me training you to be My whore - instructing you on how to suck cock, how to serve drinks and clean up after the me and the REAL men I bring home to fuck in front of you..."

Month Long Full Time Enslavement: Option 1 - 3 days/week we will do a 30 min IM session where I will train you to be my personal slave. Option 2 - 3 days/week you will receive 2 emails from me - one in the morning & one at night with instructions and fun, erotic detailed descriptions of how I want you to serve me that day, what I want you to fantasize about as you're masturbating for me, etc. You will also get One FREE 45 min Webcam session! You may choose if you'd like to see me dominating you in the beginning, middle or end of your training month. Excerpt from a recent FT Maid Slut Slave session: "This time as you are cleaning I want to teach you to have proper whore posture. You will stand with your ass jutted out and ready for my cock, keep your stomach sucked in to show that sexy waist of yours. You are to keep your shoulders pulled back and your tities thrust forward so I can feel you up and suck on them whenever I want. When I return and see my hot, horny, little slut so ready and willing I will want to take you with my strap-on. Now I want to tease you some more before I go out. Go to a wall and assume the whore's posture I just taught you. Now back up that pert little ass so that the end of the plug is placed firmly against the wall..."

Also available with my Cohorts

Instant Messaging
Full Time Enslavement
Each 45 min - $100
Each 30 min - $50
$40 per session
$500 per month
Plus a FREE Webcam session
($100 value)

Your email should include the following information:

1. What type of session you would like, i.e. Webcam, IM, Email or Full Time Enslavement.
2. How long a session you would like.
3. When you are available, i.e. Thursday at 6:30, or Evenings are best, or Between 1-4 on Friday, etc.
4. Requests for the session, i.e. What you would like to do, Fantasy you would like to play out, if any.

I will then let you know my availability/if I am able to do the session on the day & time you requested. Once we schedule the session, you will make your payment through my online store and send me your Instant Messenger ID and I will add you to my contacts and you will receive an invitation to add my Messenger ID as well. I use Windows Messenger for Webcam sessions and either that or Yahoo Messenger for IM sessions.

Contact me to schedule - Email: msjulianna [at] - type the @ in yourself. This is to deter spider bots from putting my email on their spam lists.

Also with My Cohorts: Online sessions are also available with Sasha (TG) and Mark. The same tributes below apply.



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