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Real Session Reviews from Real Clients
References from actual clients are available upon request!

Just a Few of the Thank You Notes Sent to Me by Clients After Their Sessions:

Hi Julianna - Just wanted to say thanks for an incredible time.  I learned a lot and will do better next time.  You introduced me to a lot of things....some I liked, some I can say I tried but not interested, and some were incredible!!! Thanks for being professional, patient and sexy as hell!  D in Denver

Dear Mistress Julianna,
i wished to say a profound thank You, for You have provided for me an opportunity to re-awaken an aspect of my life which i had been suppressing recently.  Your professionalism, as well as over-all sensuality, has not only refreshed my tastes, but also allowed me a wonderful transition from vanilla back into the world i was meant for.  i replay the moment of realease You awarded me.  i do realize, that i am not "new", but would like honest criticism as to my abilities as a submissive. All in all, i realize i will not return to this country for a number of years, but when i do, and if You are free, perhaps i might learn a bit more of you. it was a lovely experience, and i feel better for have learned from You. i wish You the best of seasons, Mistress Julianna, and bid You farewell. J in Longmont

Lady Julianna
Would YOU let me be in YOUR Presence again? I really would love to see YOU. i was really touched by YOU and how our last session was conducted. i would do anything to make YOU feel safe with me. i know that i slip up once in a wile but YOU i know could make me stop that i am sure.  A in Dallas

Juliana, Just a short to say how much I enjoyed our get together yesterday.   You are a most interesting and senstive person and I greatly appreciate your playing along with my interests and fantasies.  All the best, S in Cheyenne

"Hello Mistress Julianna, thank you so much for the wonderful session yesterday. I want to apologize again for it being so long since I first saw you. I have since seen everyone in the Denver area and you are truly the best -(by far). I would like to schedule another appointment with you after January 8th. Please let me know if you would like to see me again. Thank you for your consideration, submissively,"
- B in Castle Rock

"Hey MJ, We wanted to thank you for Saturday's training session.  We really enjoyed our time with you and learned so much.  You pointed out things that "J" liked that he never would of thought of mentioning to me.  And we liked your style of explaining things and letting us try out your toys. Hope to see you again."  
- K & J in Aurora 

"Mistress Julianna - It was a pleasure to meet you this past week. You surpassed all my expectations, totally blew me away ! I wish I had the more time to finish that bottle of wine with you. It would be great to hang out with you in the future, I think we are alot alike in many ways. I'll bring the wine! Cheers,"
- P in Fort Collins

"Dear Lady Julianna, Thank you so much for keeping me as your executive assistant. I felt so privileged and honored to be used as your toy in the executive room. Thank you again for being so generous with your time and training me to be your ideal executive assistant."
- W in Boulder

"Dear Mistress Julianna, I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience. It was not only pleasureable in many ways but it was very good for my soul. I find myself more at peace with who I am. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk with you both before and after the session. The insight that you provided has settled down some of ther inner turmoil that I find myself constantly engaged in. I hope that it was fun for you as well. I am deeply appreciative and grateful to you for the entire experience, and just as you said, no marks. Humbly,"
- C in Denver

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful time! You were a class act. We forgot to ask you about your dvd when does it come out and how can we purchase it? Thanks again!"
- H & L in Cheyenne

"Lady Julianna, yes you are quite the Lady and you deserve that respect.  I have been into D/s for 9 years and this session just about took my breath away.  The chemistry between us, maybe the rocky mountaion air, your awesome beauty and elagance.  Wow it was perfect and lloking forward to see you again in April, wow!  If you ever want to train a Domme I would be a willing subj or even with a submissive, you are a lot of fun!  Ok need to run but had to tell you how I felt."
- S in Denver  

"I wanted to thank you for the totally awesome session. That was the best experience of my life. I will differently be back. I was so Happy with everything that I totally forgot to give a special tribute all the time you took. I am so sorry, I will make it up to you on our next visit. I Look forward to seeing you again soon.
- M in Fort Collins

"Dear Mistress Julianna, Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. I very much appreciated your patience and professionalism. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Most sincerely,"
- T in Denver

"Mistress Julianna, I had a great time last night. Thanks for kickin with me. You have the best feet and are incredibly sexy. Next time you are here, please get in touch with me. I have some ideas where we might combine some of your world with mine. Again, thanks for the “gentle” touch. I look forward to your return in April."
- L in Denver

"I am still in total amazement of our session!! thanks for the incredible playtime with you and Sasha. It was much more than I expected. a fantasy come true. Now I know why you call it the Ultimate.
- S in Boulder

"Thank you for an incredible session. You two were incredible and I must say that your pictures don't do you justice ;-) I am really looking forward to the next chance I get to see you. Hope you come again soon."
- M in Denver

"Thank you, Julianna, for the ray of sunshine that you brought so wonderfully into my life this afternoon. After so many years of believing I needed to submit to brutal punishments, you showed me a way of enjoying BDSM that truthfully I wasn't sure I would like. You opened me up to a world of new possibilities."
- H in San Jose

"Dear Lady Julianna - Thank you so much for our session yesterday... you were sexy, and strict, and wonderful and generous with me. My nipples are still reminding me of our encounter. I sincerely hope that you also enjoyed our play, and that I was able to truly please you. I am CERTAIN that we will play again."
M - in San Francisco

"Dear Mistress Julianna - Thank you so much for the session today. I have been sessioning for many years, but I would have to say that today was one of the best sessions I've ever had. I would have loved to stay longer. That's why I asked about longer sessions. You have so many interests and equipment that 2 hours just flew by. (I can't say that for everyone I've ever sessioned with for a multi-hour session.) You are much more beautiful than your pictures, though I'm sure lots of submissives tell you that. I loved your style -- your enthusiasm, creativity and demandingness. I loved the combination of punishment, reward, having me do what you wanted me to. I loved serving you the way you wanted. I had never experienced that and it was phenomenal. I would love to see you again. Warmest regards."
- B in Boston

"Lady Julianna - Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the session on Friday -- the best I've had in a long time. You have a special niche and take on Domination that really resonates with me (and I'm guessing many others). You are a terrific lady, and I can't wait to
get back to San Jose to play with you again. Take care."

- F in San Jose

"Hi Mistress Julianna, just wanted to tell you again that our session yesterday was fantastic! You
made the role play fantasy I outlined come to life so effectively that I actually felt it was reality. I'm still re-living our session together and enjoying every bit of it. By the way, the few marks on my body are almost gone now and there are no bruises - thank you being so tough without leaving lots of marks as I requested."
- R in San Jose

"Dear mistress Julianna, many thanks for the time you spent with me last Tuesday, I enjoyed your training immensely. It is usually a little difficult when training with a new Mistress for the first time but this was not the case with you. You knew exactly which buttons to press. I hope that I performed to your satisfaction. I will certainly look you up the next time I'm in the San Jose area. Kind regards, your humble servant,"
- G in Scotland

"You are definitely a sexy Mistress! I really enjoyed every aspect of the session. Also, your chair was awesome! I would love to use it again! The combination of intense CBT and tease and denial was such wonderful torture. There was something so sexy about being strapped to that chair, watching you and you touching me, and nothing I could do about it. Definitely an AWESOME experience! Let’s do it again!"
- J in San Jose

"Thank you for the pleasure of having a session with you Mistress Julianna. The role play atmosphere was fantastic. You are a gorgeous dominant. You kept me on my toes and the time with you was wonderful and exceeded all my expectations of what a domme could be. I have been with many pro dommes and none even come close to you. I will be back to see you soon."
- D in Los Gatos

"Miss Julianna, Just wanted to tell you that I had a great time the other evening – you seemed to be able to read my mind, extract my fantasies and make them reality – thank you, and we will see each other again."
- B in San Jose

"Mistress Julianna there is no doubt that you are a true Domme. From the time i arrived i knew i would give you complete cooperation and respect. I found your confidence during the session to be very refreshing, plus the fact that you are 100% genuine. Lady Julianna, i would like to thank you again and again for my session. Your manner and your whole commanding attitude during the session helped raise my comfort level tremendously. You are one of a kind and I thank you for allowing me the privilege to see you."
- K in South Bay

"Hello Mistress Julianna,
Wanted to take some time and thank You for the incredible session that I had the privilege of sharing with You yesterday. It was incredibly well thought out, with seemless transitions. You are truly one of the more beautiful women I've ever had the opportunity to meet. Hope to see You soon!"
- J in San Francisco

"Hello Mistress, i can't tell You how much i enjoyed this afternoon. You are gifted at Your craft, beautiful and sexy, but You are also a pleasure to be around in and out of the session. Your comfort and confidence during a session i find refreshing. i sincerely hope that we can have another adventure in the future."
- J in Sacramento

"Thank you Mistress for taking me on such short notice. To start with you made me feel comfortable right from the start. That was important to me. I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed my foot worship session with you way way more than I had hoped. You have the most beautiful feet, flawless skin and great legs. I also enjoyed the fact that you were very strict. You sure learned how to push the right buttons to get me going. I loved every second of it and look forward to seeing you again soon."
- B in San Jose

"Dear Lady Julianna, My session with you last week left me totally satisfied and exhausted. I requested that you take me to my limits and you absolutely did exactly that. I found your energy and intensity absolutely breathtaking. You played the role of strict aunt brilliantly and the spankings were awesome. You carried me into new terriority while your stictness was 100% genuine and perfectly mirrored my fantasy. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to be trained by you again. Your excellent website photographs bring back every moment of the time together, all of it unforgettable - especially the cane! All the marks on my butt have now gone (in good time) and the cane lines are fading fast. Thank you again. Feel free to post these comments on your website.
All the best."
- A in the UK

"Dear Mistress Julianna, I am still dizzy. More than 10 days has passed since our encounter. Still every moment of that afternoon is as clear to me as if it happened yesterday. It was much more than I could ever expect. Your personality and your person are truly magnificent. Your intelligence is both analytical and instinctive and just talking to you made my whole body yearn for you. I will be counting the days until I can see you again."
- M in San Francisco

"Lady Julianna, i would like to thank you again and again for my session with you, You are fantastic!!!! i don't think i can say enough about how wonderful your manner and your whole commanding attitude is during session, not to mention how mesmerizing it is to be in the presence of your drop dead gorgeous Self, Lady Julianna! i look forward to the future of suffering at Your Foot and Hand."
- M in San Jose

"It was very nice to meet and get to know you. It was a wonderful evening. You are very beautiful and very competent. It was "the ultimate experience" in domination, very exciting, the best ever! It was great, can not describe how good. Hope you had a good time too. Keep in touch."
- S in Chicago

"I just wanted to thank you again for putting me through my first experience with a pro domme. Still cannot believe that I finally did it after all these years of fantasizing. It was wonderful and you are a very beautiful woman. I would love to see you again soon and explore the other fantasies we discussed in the session. Thank you again!"
- B in Sunnyvale

"Thanks for yesterday, that was AWESOME!! You rocked my world!! I've seen many Dominas in the bay area but I think I found my last stop!"
- D in San Jose

"My Dear and Lovely Goddess and Mistress Julianna, Hope everything is well with you and the new place is going well also. I just wanted to thank you again so much for my session on Thursday night. You are an amazing Woman. There is a gift sent yesterday, should arrive this week at your new place. Miss you and think about you everyday. Sincerily all yours..."
- S in Santa Monica

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