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My Reviews on Maxfisch.com

Maxfisch does not group reviews like Myredbook & TER so I have posted them all together here. You can find them on Maxfisch.com by going to Reviews and searching for Mistress Julianna, making sure to select All posts.

"The website photos can't capture Mistress Julianna's true grace and beauty. The moment I met Her I knew I belonged on my knees before Her and that I belonged in Her dungeon. There I soon found that Her beauty belies Her strictness and casual cruelty. Our initial conversation quickly revealed that she is a caring and responsible Mistress, allowing me to more fully enter subspace once the session began. Once it began, I was able to focus on obeying Her very command, humbly accepting Her discipline, and appreciating every whispered word of praise and kind gesture. Mistress's dungeon contains some intimidating equipment that any sub, servant or slave would be lucky to be strapped on, into or under. Her dungeon is clean, neat and well-stocked. It is also quiet and separate from the world outside, enough so that I lost all track of time. It was only on leaving, when I saw the clock in my car, that I realized Mistress Julianna is very generous with Her time. I must have obeyed the Mistress and taken my punishment well because She was merciful enough to allow some tenderness. Of course, by that I mean that She permitted me to treat Her tenderly, a very generous reward. I highly recommend a visit to Mistress Julianna, My experience was unforgettable! COsub"

"I've always thought about forced bi and being feminized and finally got up the courage to try it! I saw Sasha's ad on eros ( TV Sasha) and checked out her website www.captivemoment.com. Very pretty and an incredible ass and long lucscious legs plus fully equiped and functional. But what hooked me was that she has a photo of her hot Dominatrix friend that she does sessions with. Knowing I could have a real Mistress force me down on my knees to please her "girlfriend" was just the push I needed. Sasha quickly responded to my email and we set up the session with Lady Julianna - who incidentally I had seen before in the bay area. Sasha answered the door wearing sexy black lingerie. I came in and was so excited when I realized who Sasha's friend was. I have fond memrories of my time with Lady Julianna in San Jose and I had no idea she had moved here. We sat down and talked for a few minutes. I felt very at ease since they wanted to know how far I wanted to go and anything I didn't want to have happen. We decided on a roleplay where I pretended to be a courier delivering a package. Then they seduced me and forced me into their dungeon. Having no control, bound and at the mercy of two sexy and demanding ladies made it surprisingly easy for me to cross that line I had for so long desired, dreaded, feared. First they toyed with me, dressing me in panties and stockings which although totally humiilating for some reason really gets me aroused and takes me deep into sub-space. Mistress Julianna blindfolded me and made me suck her strap-on, then somehow they switched and before I knew what was happening I was sucking the real thing. I must admit it was so much better than sucking a dildo - no comparison. Next we went into the bedroom and played around some more on a fur rug in front of the fireplace. They let me worship their bodies, spanking my ass and punishing my cock and balls when I did something wrong. It was also hot to watch them play together and when I was finally allowed to release it was incredibly intense. Really cool and fun time. One for the record books! I'm thinking next time maybe I'll have to go all the way."

"The video clip on Lady Julianna's website www.ladyjulianna.com of her sitting on a mans face thats bound to a bench, some type of object in his genital area, stimulating him, talking to him and he is orally stimulating her really got me going and hoping a session with her would be that good. And it was! so amazing I'm still quivering long after our session writing this. She really got into my head. Even though it was onluy my first sessionm with her it's like she read my mind. Everything was just as I had imagined it could be. Wow and beautiful too a Goddess weaving her magic web around me. She made me feel at ease immediatly and before I knew it I was on my knees worshiupping her gorgeous body. She made me into her little slut whore and took my rear like she really enjoyed it. Bondage, cbt, o-control, discipline and body worship rewards, forced femme it was just terrific. Mistress Julianna is so wonderfully strictm, creative and so much fun. And was so professional. i've had Dommes in Denver even cancel on me when I had already driven an hour to see them. Mistress Juliana's website gave me a good sense of what she would be like and everything was just as great as I hoped - and she's even prettier in person. Her large dungeon was also really private and she has all kinds of equipment and furniture. I wanted to try everything. it was the best session I've ever had by far. I'm so happy to finally have a great Mistress here in the Denver area. I've seen nearly all the Dommes in Colorado and have been very disappointed every time and wasted alot of time and money. but Mistress Julianna totally wowed me! Most Dommes I've seen here wouldn't even touch me and I was forbidden to touch them. I'm not much into the whip me beat me thing, so the way Mistress Julianna mixes the sensual with bdsm the whole way through was like a dream to me. Tease and denial, body worship, - Oh my God! when can I come back for more? So I already have another session scheduled with her in a couple weeks and cant wait to finally live out more of the fantasies Ive had for so long!"

"Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I haven't been on this site for awhile. Did Lady Julianna use any of her techniques on me? Well, first of all the confidence she exudes struck me at once. I've done some martial arts and knew I was in the presence of someone I didn't want to mess with. She doesn't need to try to be dominant or put on airs. She just IS dominant. I loved it! Made me want to submit as soon as possible. And I had asked if she could use some of her techniques on me. So, during the session she shackled me to a hook in the ceiling and used me for a punching/kicking bag. She also had me down on my knees at one point and put me in a choke hold that almost choked me out! mmmmmm it was hot! She won't do anything that will seriously hurt you though and it's nice to know that she knows how to use just enough strength to make you groan but not send you to the hospital! And she's gorgeous! Which left me totally stunned and amazed. What a woman. ahhhhhhh So, if you're near, go see her. She's wonderful."

"Wow I just read on her website that she is a full contact kickboxing champ and submission fighter. I find it really exciting knowing that the Mistress has that very real power. Did she use it at all during your session to intimidate you or to establish her total dominance over you?
Thanks. -GP"

"I've seen Mistress Julianna every month for the last 6 months and thought I'd share one of our first sessions. She's gorgeous, drew me in with her sexiness and fun personality and then wham! She turned on the heat! Got me all hot and bothered quick! All of a sudden i was at the feet of a forceful and strict beauty. i was striped, inspected then collared and shackled. Before i could breath i was on the St. Andrews Cross where she put on cbt and clothespins all over me. She teased my cock till i was rock hard and then punished it for dripping. Then She used a doubletail to whip the clothespins off my body. mmmmmmm, hurt so good. my mind was still focused on the pain from the clothespins and the throbbing in my balls when I was pushed to the ground tied up and sat on like a chair. She drank her drink and spanked me while She rested on my balls. Then to my surprise and instant hardness, She squated down over my face and used Her pussy to smother me. It was so good to have her sweet pussy on my face that I almost passed out rather than have her get off. I was then allowed to rest and serve her by becoming a footstool for those gorgeous legs and feet and then being allowed to kiss her boots, kiss and lick and suck her feet and finally to kiss and caress her beautiful legs. The rest was so hot I was an exhausted, submitted heap of a man as our session came to an end. I look forward to our sessions every month with eager anticipation. you guys that need a hot and very controlling Woman to submit to, take a look at her website www.ladyjulianna.com She's amazing."

"I am still dizzy from my encounter with Mistress Julianna. More than 10 days has passed since our session. Still every moment of that afternoon is as clear to me as if it happened yesterday. It was much more than I could ever expect. I have seen several of the pro Dommes in the San Francisco area but Mistress Julianna's personality and presence are truly magnificent, not to mention how beautiful she is. Her intelligence is both analytical and instinctive and just talking to her made my whole body tingle with excitement. I will be counting the days until I can see her again."

"I visited Mistress Julianna at her dungeon. It was large and well equipped compared to many I've been trained in. She looked gorgeous in her little pvc shorts, top and boots. I wanted to get down on my knees right there. She was amazing in our session. Very sensual and exciting but also controlling, full of directions for me to follow. I was allowed to serve her by giving her a massage and serving as her foot stool. The rest is just too juicy to share here. If you're in the bay area, you've got to try Mistress Julianna. She's hot!"