Available in SJ 1-2 times per month!
Voted the #1 Domme in the Bay Area from 2000-2005

SAN JOSE, CA Tributes & Information

Availability FOR October 2010

I am coming out for a few days at Halloween. Right now I am not planning to have any time for sessions but contact me anyway if you're interested as that could change!

San Jose Location: I now have my own permanent dungeon playspace in the Bay Area again! It is located near my old San Jose dungeon. Outcall is Not Available.

I visit at the last few days of each month/first few days of the month. I post my availability here as soon as I book my flights for the next month - So check this page for each month's visit dates & availability!

San Jose Tributes - Credit Cards & PayPal OK

Ultra Sensual FemDom/BDSM session:
This session can include all types of bondage & BDSM play but here we connect on a more intimate level than any other Domme in the SF Bay is willing to offer. A sizzling-hot combination of seduction, power exchange, arousal, teasing, and need I say - fun! (Note: It does not include having intercourse with me. I do not do rimming or brown.)

$500 for 1.5 hrs, $600 for 2 hrs

The Ultimate Erotic session:
Have you ever wished you had a sexy, domineering girlfriend that would tease and toy with you, testing you and making you prove you're worthy of being with her? A girlfriend who knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it and insists you to give it to her just as she instructs you - with rewards & punishments to motivate/train you? One who loves toys, games and prizes - giving and receiving - and has talents so mind-blowing that every time is a new and incredible experience? All types of BDSM play at any pain level can be included in this incredible session! This is the most popular session I offer.

$700 for 1.5 hrs, $800 for 2 hrs

Schedule a Session

Your initial email should include the items below. Emails with this information will have scheduling priority and be answered within 24 hours, emails without this info may take longer to receive a reply.

1. WHAT? Your interests for the session or what things you enjoy in general. (I'm very good at reading between the lines, so if you're not comfortable spelling things out in black and white, then just allude to them.)
2. WHAT NOT? Your limits or things you know you do not want to experience (marks, etc.).
3. WHEN? When you would like to have the session (day/time)
4. HOW LONG? How long of a session would you like?
5. WHERE? My dungeon is about 1 hr north of Denver.
6. Your previous experience, if any.
7. Any health or issues with playing that I should be aware of.

Note Re: Your Interests/Limits: Do not interpret my asking what you enjoy and do not enjoy as asking you to write the session for me. To protect your privacy I do not make you sign a waiver, so in order to protect myself I need to know what you do NOT want to experience. If you'd also like to make requests/share your interests that does make for a funner, more fulfilling session for you. If you'd rather leave it all up to me, you can sign a waiver. When sending me your interests please keep it concise and include only the information I have asked for or you feel I need to know for THIS session.

Contact Information:
PUT "San Jose" IN THE SUBJECT FIELD - I get a ton of spam, so please put Session as the subject so your email doesn't accidentally get deleted.
Email Address: msjulianna {@} ladyjulianna.com - type the @ in yourself. This is to deter spider bots from putting my email on their spam lists.
Flakers will not be rescheduled - EVER! a minimum of 24 hrs notice of cancelation is required to avoid a fee of $100 - payable before I will reschedule you.
Do not ask me to call you.
I get too many requests to schedule sessions by phone.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU! to all of my devoted San Jose Bay Area followers & fans for making me feel like a Queen again with all your sweet emails welcoming me back. Thank you for reminding me why I love playing with San Jose subs - you guys ROCK!

Awesome! Thanks for another great session. It's always good to see you. Please tell Mistress Veronica I REALLY enjoyed meeting her. She's just as beautiful and sexy in person.
B in Sunnyvale (a client of 5 years)

I am so excited to have Mistress Julianna back in San Jose!! She is such a true beauty and her sessions are top notch. She was the first Pro Domme I ever visited & even though I was very nervous, she made me so comfortable and put my mind at ease. Our session was so intense and she opened my eyes to more of my submission then I ever knew I had. She is gorgeous, and sensually sadistic which makes our time together that much more intense!!

Omg !!! Your back in the area, you are the most incredible seductress and dominatrix I have ever been with ... Glad your back in area

i had the opportunity to see you twice right before you moved to CO in your San Jose location.  i was so energized to see you will be back in the Bay area.  While i have tried a few others in the Bay area,  your sessions were far and away the best.

We have not met before, but I have seen you on Eros before. You moved before I got the nerve to contact You. I am anxious to not let the opportunity pass this time.

I saw your recent advertisement on eros guide SF and could not believe my eyes. One of my regrets in life was never getting to see you in years past when you were in San Jose.