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About My Sessions

Do you have Reviews or Can I Contact your Clients for References?
Several of my clients have offered to be a reference for me. Just ask me for their contact information and you can contact them directly. Reviews

Do you do Online Sessions?
Yes! I offer VideoChat/Webcam, Instant Messaging & Email sessions. Info here

Do you do sessions with other Dommes?
Yes! Sessions are available with Me and a Male Switch and a TG Domme. No female Domme yet Sorry! Info here

When are you available?
7 days/wk - Noon to 10:00pm or a bit later if needed.

What happens when I arrive?
Prior to the session, you will send me information about your interests, limits, health considerations, etc. When you arrive I will offer you something to drink and we will sit down for 15 min or so to review your desires and hopes for the session - this time is not counted toward your session. I will ask any remaining questions I have and give you an opportunity to communicate any other requests, concerns, questions, etc. I will then provide you with safe words. It is quite normal to be a little nervous your first session with a new Domme, so I prefer this time to be casual, so that you will have the opportunity to get a feel for the kind of person I am and see that I am an experienced professional and am someone you can trust to respect your limits and that you'll enjoy playing with. You will feel very comfortable by the time we start playing, I assure you.

What can I expect during the session?
That depends greatly on what you're interested in experiencing. I enjoy many kinds of play so can easily stay within the play that you are comfortable with. I am flexible as far as My demeanor goes so I can be light & playful, dominant and very much in control but without being harsh, or extremely strict and rough. Most clients enjoy the middle option of dominant/in-control but not bitchy and that is my natural personality.

For those interested in the Mistress/sub session though, be warned that once I say action and the session begins, I am in my element, the casual me will disappear and I will unleash my true dominance. So, be advised not to confuse my professionalism in our email exchanges and the pre-session discussion with a lack of dominance.

My sessions are never mechanical because I truly enjoy BDSM. It is my personal lifestyle and I could never get tired of it! I also do what pleases and amuses me in the session (within your limits). And because I enjoy a wide variety of bdsm play, your requests are likely to be truly fun for me! I am the most excited by seeing my sub driven wild, becoming willing to do whatever it takes to please me. And I have tons of fun getting you there, using whatever techniques push you to the edge! I want to know all your secret dreams and things that scare and excite you!

What you will experience will then vary greatly depending on what I see you need to take you there. The session could be light-hearted and fun, or very intense mentally, emotionally and physically or all of the above!

My interests include (but are certainly not limited to):
Psychological Domination
Bondage (Including inescapable)
Tease and Seduction
Corporal Punishment
Forced Feminization
Smothering/Face Sitting
Medical Play
Electro Play
Water Play
Wax Play
Roleplaying - whatever we can dream up!
Sensory Deprivation
& More - just send me your requests!
I do not do any play that will seriously injure, scar or disfigure, no blood or scat play.
Limits always respected.

How much time do you recommend for a session?
2 hours is usually the right amount of time to have a great, fulfilling session. That gives us enough time to get to know each other and feel comfortable starting to play, talk about the session and make sure I understand your interests and limits and then plenty of time to have a thoroughly enjoyable session. 1 hour goes by a bit too fast, 1.5 hrs is good but 2 hrs is usually more fulfilling. Longer sessions are good if you want to take your time discussing your history, why you have your bdsm inclinations, what others in the bdsm world are doing and why, etc. and/or for sessions involving totally restrictive/inescapable bondage, long roleplays, multiple outfit changes, total feminization transformations, etc. then 2.5 or 3 hrs would be best.

Are Your Fees or Services Negotiable?
My fees and services are non-negotiable. Please make sure you are ok with my rates before contacting me.

Anything else I need to know?
If you need to reschedule an appointment, you must let me know as soon as possible but preferably by the evening before the day of your session. No shows will not be rescheduled - Ever. I choose my clientele carefully and will refuse to train anyone who does not show respect for me or for my time.


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